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CCP Gransden are a UK SME specialising in delivering performance improvements through the intelligent use of advanced composites.

With over 129 years in business our expertise has evolved from repair work in Belfast’s shipyards (since 1894), to delivering advanced composites’ performance improvements for a wide range of notable clients all over the world. Many esteemed OEM customers entrust CCP Gransden for performance improvement. CCP Gransden recognises that each client is unique with individual needs and challenges that require a flexible approach.

CCP Gransden offers one of the UK’s widest selections of advanced composites processes in-house, delivering the optimum tailored solutions. Substantial in-house capability is combined with experienced operators and a skilled engineering team to support exclusive projects right through from concept to commercialisation.

Recent examples -which are in the public domain- include:

  •  The UK’s first ever DTEP (Defence Technology Exploitation Programme), lightweighting a Thales system.
  • Full manufacture of Starstreak Launch Canisters and Optical housings for Thales. Significant weight savings. 100% delivered on-time, with 100% quality.
  • Manufacture of the world’s largest GRP rotary drum filter, built to pharmaceutical industry specifications.
  • Various sustainable composite developments with Jaguar Land Rover, including ‘Project Tucana’ which delivered a novel lightweighting skeletal approach with composites -winning at both the Composites UK and JEC World Innovation Awards last year.
  • Winner of the Thales sustainability award for exploring different eco materials.
  • ‘Tecdur’ Composite Blastwall explosion protection, alongside corresponding glass solutions, used in many embassies and events such as The London Olympics, The G8 Summit, and more.
  • GRP works on Sea Gen, the world’s first commercial-scale tidal generator.
  • A range of critical composite parts on Rolls Royce’s new Ultra-Fan.

Many of CCP Gransden’s projects require a non disclosure certificate to be signed and are not in the public domain.

For many projects you may need to hold a UK passport, have no convictions, and be willing to sign the Official secrets act.

Sometimes we may also need BPSS approval (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) [this can be paid for by CCP Gransden and we can guide you through application].

CCP Gransden’s factory is based in Northern Ireland (U.K.) near Belfast, frequently on the GB mainland (especially South West England) contractors are sought to supplement existing staff on major projects in-situ, particulary for larger marine work.


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Paddy Erskine

Project lead on-site

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