Nicklas Sjödin

August 12, 1984

About Candidate

1 year in industrial production
1 year in a larger warehouse
12 years as warehouse manager at a food company.
18 months at a smaller composite company where we produced everything from train parts to car parts and repaired many of the trains.
18 months at UMOE MANDAL in Norway in the boat industry.
Where we build Wave Craft boats as well as maintain military boats as well as we build for the British Navy which I cannot disclose due to confidentiality.
We also do service and maintenance on Norwegian military boats.

Hand lamination and infusion etc. are no problem.
The last year I have only dealt with infusions.

What can I do?
Give me a challenge and I might fail at first, but the other hundred times it will be perfect.
Not trying to play casual but I always do my best no matter what!

How I am in a team and as a person:
I am humble, positive, social, always listen to others. If I have an idea that can be better than someone else’s, I present it in a good way.
I love this job in composite as the human development is so broad. I really enjoy working on the challenges.
Really want to work in this profession for a long time to come.

My goal is to learn everything about pre-preg, if it takes 10 years it will take 10 years. I want to learn everything in composite.

Nicklas Sjödin

Kind regards, Nicklas.


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