January 17, 1998

About Candidate

A dedicated father of three, I am a multifaceted individual with a passion for automotive excellence, coupled with a keen interest in photography and videography. My journey in education led me through the realms of architecture and interior design during my college years, where I honed my creativity and attention to detail.

Professionally, I bring nearly 5 years of invaluable experience in the composites industry, specializing as a fitter and trimmer. My journey began at 3DCM, a company at the forefront of innovation, where I contributed to the creation of parts for Formula 1 cars. This experience not only sharpened my technical skills but also instilled in me a commitment to precision and quality synonymous with the demanding world of high-performance racing.

Currently, I continue to excel in the composites field with Formaplex, a company known for its cutting-edge solutions. Here, I have expanded my expertise, further refining my abilities to meet the industry’s exacting standards. This professional background has afforded me a unique perspective on materials, design, and manufacturing processes, enriching my skill set and reinforcing my passion for automotive excellence.

Outside the realm of automobiles, I have cultivated skills in photography and videography, channeling my creativity into capturing moments and stories through the lens. This has served as a fulfilling hobby and allowed me to develop a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling.

With a solid educational background, extensive experience in the composites industry, and a diverse set of skills, I bring a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a strong work ethic. My experiences have instilled in me the ability to approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset and to thrive in dynamic environments.

As I continue to balance my roles as a dedicated parent and a professional with varied interests, I look forward to leveraging my skills and passions to contribute meaningfully to any project or team I am a part of.


Work & Experience

Fitter Trimmer

Here is where I started my journey in the composites industry. I was able to learn the basics and more advanced skills that shaped the kind of professional I am today.

Fitter Trimmer

Here is where I was able to improve the skills I had learned in my previous job, on top of that, I was able to spend time and learn from multiple people who have acquired 20+ years of experience in this field as well as sharpening my team working and time keeping skills.

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