July 12, 1989

About Candidate

I am an employee with extensive experience in several areas, starting with the profession of Eng. graphics to work on the production of electrical components and the furniture industry. In my last works I was a laminator and this is what i liked, surface preparation (waxing / polishing, grinding), preparation of polyester, glass mats, manual lamination, top-coating, gelcoat repairs. I want to develop, learn about new production technologies and gain new experience in the world that is moving forward. I am open to new experiences.



Bachelor degree 2008-2012
Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Ekologi

Eng. of Graphic and multimedia

Work & Experience

Laminator multitask employe 07.2019 - 12.2019
Safehaven Marine

Polyester/vinylester resins • waxing/polishing of forms for lamination • grinding surfaces / glass fiber elements for joining elements / painting with topcoat • manual lamination (sponge and rollers): • new elements in ready-made forms as well temporary to size • joining previously laminated elements to the hull • connecting the hull to the deck • finishing boats process inside • working with power tools

Laminator 01.2021 - 03.2021
Interboat Marine

Polyester resin Lamination hulls in team made of CSM plus combi glass. Topcoating, sanding

Laminator 03.2021 - 07.2022
Theuvs Polyester B.V.

Polyester resin Spoilers for DAF & vattenfalls covers lamination all made with roving glass plus brush roll.

Finisher 08.2022 - 11.2022
Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders

Waxing Gelcoat repairs and polishing Fundation clean/wrap Finishing process inside boat small laminations/joints/topcoating/fitting

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