Arman Gene Arreglo

January 24, 1981

About Candidate

Hi I’m Arman Gene Arreglo a 41 years of age a Filipino citizen currently working as Aircraft mechanic/Composite mechanic at Qatar Airways since 2015.

My past working experience  Company are Singapore Airlines Engineering Company and Strata Manufacturing  Company



Bachelors Degree 1999-2003
Philippine State College of Aeronautics

Bachelor of Science In Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Work & Experience

Composite Mechanic 13 November 2006 - 18 February 2011
Singapore Airlines Engineering Company

 Perform all types of composite repairs on wide body aircraft such as; Nose Radome, Body Fairing, Flaps, Aileron, Cowling, Canoe Fairing Floorboard, in accordance with Structural Repair Manual( SRM), Components Maintenance Manual (CMM), Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM).  Dry lay-up/ wet lay-up/metal to metal hot bond. Using Heatcon and Anita (ATACS) hot bonder machine using preimpregnated fabric, vacuum bagging.  Repair using wet lay-up glass cloth and carbon fabric on composite panels in accordance with Structural Repair Manual.  Performs fibreglass repairs and bonding on all interior composite cabin components and facility such as: floorboards, galleys, inserts, passenger armrest, meal tables, window frames, bustle, door trim, baggage doors, lavatory, wash lights, upper deck, etc  Repair all types of Spinner cone (Pratt & Whitney PW400 Series Engine, Rolls Royce Trent Engine and JT9D Engine.) Repair Using Preimpregnated Materials at 260 deg.F (Hot Bonding)  Determine extent of damage by tapping with sonic hammer or tap test/moisture test.  Removal of damage skin and core.  Make a plaster backup mold.  Cover the area with a parting film on the internal and external skin.  Fabricate, clean and install honeycomb replacement core if needed.  Prepare and apply repair plies to the internal or external skin.  Apply a minimum vacuum pressure of 22 in/hg and installation of heat blanket  Apply extruded sealing compound around the entire area and tuck in the vacuum probe and thermocouple wire.  Surround the area with bleeder cloth.  Put a piece of bagging material over all the repair area and make a seal with a sealing compound.  Cure the repair at 260 deg.F of 120 mins.  Refinish the repair Metal to Metal Repair at 250 deg.F for 120 mins. (Hot Bonding)  Removal of damage honeycomb core.  Cutting of honeycomb to shape.  Installation of honeycomb core.  Cleaning and abrading of core flush with surrounding surface.  Cleaning of repair parts and repair area.  Application of BOEGEL etching compound (AC-130) pre-bond treatment process.

Composite Technician 3 April2011 - 15 May 2015
Strata Manufacturing Company

 Fabricate an A330/A340 flap track fairing.  Lay up according to drawing and laser projector file.  Apply the prepreg plies and honeycomb according to laser projector files.  Check the orientation and position of every single layer.  Clear all paper works needed.

Composite Mechanic June 2015 - Up to Present
Qatar Airways

 Responsible to perform the composite repairs on aircraft and its components in accordance with approved technical data, QR standards and procedures, meeting the highest shop practices and safety to provide operational results as set by the business unit.  Responsible for the completion of any assigned tasks within frame work of procedures and set time frames by performing effectively within an environment of time constrains and a high level of technical competency.  Operating equipment or tooling related to the work areas.  Responsible to ensure that aircraft component rectifications are accomplished in a timely manner, to the defined QCAA/EASA PART-145 requirements and in accordance with the desired quality standards.  Perform repair on primary flight controls composite structures.  Perform modifications.

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