October 21, 1987

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Aircraft maintenance technician 2004-2006
Asian college of aeronautics

Work & Experience

Aircraft structure (composite) 2018-12-09
Qatar airways

Damage assessment of aircraft composite parts prior for repair as per CMM and SRM. ➢ Perform preparation process for composite parts prior for repairs and modification as per manufacturer instruction. ➢ Perform paint removal, sanding grinding on aircraft composite parts. ➢ Perform blueprint and engineering drawings reading prior for repairs and modification. ➢ Perform damage removal of aircraft composite parts using hand tools and machines. ➢ Perform moisture removal process of aircraft composite parts prior for repairs. ➢ Perform wet lay and dry lay up using pre-preg materials. ➢ Perform lay outs article, cut parts of materials to size. ➢ Knowledge of using different kind of adhesive, filler compound, chemicals and resin for aircraft composite parts. ➢ Aircraft radome repairs. ➢ Mold making of aircraft radomes for repair as per instruction. ➢ Repair of flaptrack fairings of A330 and A380 aircraft. ➢ Fancowl repairs and modification of B777 aircraft. ➢ Perform fancowl repairs of A320 aircraft. ➢ Perform repairs on belly fairings of B787 aircraft. ➢ Lightning strike repairs for aircraft composite parts. ➢ Apply potty for eroded surface of different kinds of aircraft composite parts. ➢ Perform repairs and modification on aircraft galley. ➢ Perform aircraft floorboard repairs. ➢ Cargo sidewall panel repairs and fabrications. ➢ Scuff plate installation of aibus aircraft doors. ➢ Perform repairs on B787 ailerons. ➢ Controls conditions of heat, pressure, vacuums and timing by setting and operating of various controls according to specifications for the materials and bonding agent being used. ➢ Make a leak proof bag and perform pressure check prior for bonding. Aircraft handled: A319,A321,A320, A330, A340, A350, A380, B777, B787,B747

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